The Thirties

You are right on this place if you interested in railroad.

Here you found information about my Model Railroad layout.

tnt_DRG.gif (4217 Byte)

I collect N-Gauge, Epoch II DRG, Timeframe 1930 - 1935.

On my layout there are only trains within this period.

My layout is approx. 2,4 x 3,8 m in U shape and separated in 3 levels. 2 stacking yards with 12 tracks each. 12 Blocks. Totally 36 trains (max. 24 cars ) in a semiautomatic mode.

Here some impressions.

Wasserkran1.JPG (75664 Byte) GŁter.JPG (49655 Byte) Einfahrt.JPG (59389 Byte) Layout-left.JPG (56495 Byte) Station.JPG (67808 Byte) Schattenbahnhof.JPG (80146 Byte)

Each month I introduce a new series of pictures from a train on my layout.

Follow this link to the  "Train of the Month".

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Have fun.

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